ZFS – Error 16 : Inconsistent filesystem structure

Oh no. I’ve managed to get this error before. And it was right after i applied compression to the rpool zfs filesystem. Upon the next reboot i was greeted with this error message;

Error 16 : Inconsistent filesystem structure

For me it was a show stopper and i had to go into recovery. So i’ve learnt my lesson – Not to touch the rpool zpool.

I was lucky enough to have put my data within a zfs filesystem (rpool/virtual) i created within the default rpool zpool.  I use this spot for my VirtualBox virtual machines.

Recovery for my rpool/virtual zfs filesystem;

  1. Boot the live cd
  2. open terminal, type SU, enter default password as of 2008.11 “opensolaris
  3. zpool import rpool – brings rpool and associated zfs filesystems back online
  4. type nautalis &, copy data from rpool/virtual to another drive (i mounted another disk by also importing another zpool – zpool import will list available zpools)
  5. zpool export rpool, then re-run the installation program. Note: you need to dismount rpool or the install will fail and stop.

Worked for me, usual disclaimer though. Most Guys Want To Get Bigger Muscles, how to get bigger muscles