Windows Cluster – removing orphaned .dll file

Recently i uninstalled scanmail off an exchange 2007 cluster environment but had issues when trying to reapply a newer version. The problem was related to an orphaned .dll file that scanmail had left behind, seems the uninstall was not as clean as i had hoped.

Within the cluster management MCC the cluster appears in a partially active state. If you go to cluster resource types you can see the .dll that hasn’t loaded properly (the orphaned file). To remove this issue make a note of the .dll that is not loading and its display name. Drop to a CMD and type the following…

cluster clustername resourcetype

This should output all of your current resource types in your cluster. You should be able to see the “resource name” and the “resource type name” that is causing the problems. Take note of the resource type name. Now to remove type…

cluster clustername resourcetype resourcetypename /delete /type


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