Encoding Vids – Atomic advice on mencoder

One of the writers for Atomic mag spent some time upscalling his dvd collection to 720p. This is the commandline he used in the end to get a great clear result.

commandline ;

mencoder -sws 9 -vf scale=1280:720,hqdn3d=6:5:8,unsharp=17×5:1,pp=ha:128:7/va/dr/al – ovc x264 -x264encopts subq=9:b_pyramid:weight_b:8x8dct:me=umh:cabac:partitions=all:trellis=2:mixed_refs:direct_pred=auto:psy-rd=1.0,0.2:qp=16:threads=2:nodct_decimate:nofast_pskip:bframes=6:frameref=6 -oac copy dvd://1 -o output.avi

Of course it may change depending on what you are encoding, but its a good place to start. Check the atomic fourms (au) for more detail etc…

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