Equallogic – 6.0 Feature List


Features introduced in release 6.0:

• Synchronous Replication
• Snapshot Space Borrowing
• Volume Unmap
• Volume Undelete
• Support for SED drives and IPsec

Features you have come to rely on:

• Data Center Bridging
• Automatic load balancing
• VMware® Thin Provisioning awareness
• Auditing of administrative actions
• Microsoft® Active Directory integration
• Peer storage architecture
• Rapid provisioning
• Storage pools
• Roles-based administration
• Thin clones
• SAN Data Copy Offload
• SAN Zero Offload and Scalable Lock Management for VMware
• Intelligent tiering of data across models that combine solid-state drive (SSD) and hard drives
• Integration with the VMware® vStorage APIs
• Nondisruptive array upgrades
• Nondisruptive array removal
• Online data and volume movement
• Automatic RAID placement
• Thin provisioning
• Instant volume restore
• Multivolume, writable snapshots
• Snapshot and point-in-time replication scheduler
• Volume cloning
• Volume consistency sets
• Auto-start disk monitoring system
• Email home
• Enclosure monitoring system
• Performance monitoring

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