McAfee – Setting ePO via client package

I’ve been doing a bit of work recently on McAfee 8.7i enterprise and ePO 4. I wanted to push out the McAfee client via SMS straight after a gold disk build…

First you need to export the repository sitelist.xml and the various keys from your ePO server…

The security keys must be located in the same folder as the site list. Use ePolicy Orchestrator to export the files:

  1. Export the siteinfo file:
    1. Select Software | Master Repository.
    2. Click Export Sitelist.
    3. Save the file to a new location.
  2. Export the security keys:
  1. Select Configuration | Server Settings | Security Keys, and click Edit.
  2. Select Master Agent-server secure communication key, and click Export.
  3. Save the files to the same location as the siteinfo file.

Next you need to create your FramePkg.exe via ePO. Go to systems, click “new systems” near bottom left, then choose “create and download agent installation package”, save this into your shared install directory.

Now to deploy run this from the shared location (or via sms);

framepkg.exe /install=agent /forceinstall /s

I generally use /forceinstall to stop any issues with versioning. /s is for silent install.