OpenSolaris – SMF and VirtualBox

So… i’m looking for a way to fire up some VirtualBox machines after a reboot on OpenSolaris. SMF is the key. Just need to create some XML docs that fire up a couple of headless vm’s.

Shouldn’t be too hard. Lets see what i can come up with.

Here is a good pdf about migrating Legacy RC services into SMF, which has given me a few pointers….

how to shutdown a vm;

VBoxManage controlvm Test poweroff

how to startup a vm;

VBoxHeadless -s Test -p 3389

Update: so i’ve decided to bypass SMF at this point, which seems to be a really good method of executing (and maintaining) services, but a bit more than what i was after to run Virtualbox on start-up. If you see my other post i have just modified the /etc/profile to auto start the virtual machines and i’ve set the box to autologon on boot.

The problems i had while executing VirtualBox as a service were due to the fact it seemed to require access to the main X11 console (yes – i was using VBoxHeadless). There were a few issues that were thrown up if i didn’t execute from a session. Never looked into this any further…