Citrix XenServer 5.5 – First impressions

I had decided to try out Citrix Xen Server at home since i work a lot with vmware during my working week and felt like a change. It all seemed well… That is until i had to deal with snapshots. I suppose i have taken for granted almost all other virtual host software that provides a simple “revert to snapshot” option. From what i can tell this is totally absent from Citrix XenServer 5.5.

There are comments from within Citrix that they are working on this as a feature, but it has yet to make it to fruition. Unfortunately for me with the type of work i do (testing / proof of concept etc) this is a deal breaker. Looks like i’m gunna have to try out vSphere at home. (currently only using 3.5 at work)

Least vSphere has thin provisioning now, so nothing (feature wise) i’ll be missing from Citrix’s Xen Server.

Updated : 28/07/2009

I’ve actually got no choice but to stay with Citrix Xen for now, looks like the sata controller and network chip on my motherboard is not supported by either 3.5 U4 or vSphere. Doh! (i should have checked the HCL but sometimes just like to try my luck)

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