opensolaris – setting up dhcp

You’ll need these two packages installed;

SUNWdhcs, SUNWdhcm

First ensure that the DHCP service is running. Go into the “services” gui and tick the box to enable the DHCP server.

now from commandline run…

  1. From edit menu choose “network wizard”, step through the wizard (defautls are o.k i you have a fixed IP already assigned to your opensolaris box)
  2. From edit menu choose “address wizard”

If you step through the wizard (the following is an example of what i have choosen)

  1. Choose Text files
  2. Leave default path of /var/dhcp
  3. Do not manage hosts records
  4. Default lease of 1 day (clients can renew their leases)
  5. DNS Domain “yourdomainname”, also add your DNS here
  6. Network Address & subnet (should be pre populated if you have fixed IP on your host)
  7. Network Type (LAN), Routing (leave as default)
  8. I have left NIS blank
  9. I have left NIS+ blank

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