opensolaris v134 – CIFS has gone walkies

Errr, I cant find the CIFS service in the 134 build.

I know it was renamed to as per below but still cant see it anywhere?

> system/file-system/smb (was SUNWsmbfs*)
> service/file-system/smb (was SUNWsmbs*)

Anyone have any ideas?

pkg search *smb gets me these… but i cant install them.

require depend service/file-system/smb@0.5.11-0.134 pkg:/redistributable@0.1-0.134
require depend service/file-system/smb@0.5.11-0.134 pkg:/storage/storage-server@0.1-0.134
require depend service/file-system/smb@0.5.11-0.134 pkg:/system/security/kerberos-5@0.5.11-0.134
require depend service/file-system/smb@0.5.11-0.134 pkg:/storage/storage-nas@0.1-0.134
require depend system/file-system/smb@0.5.11-0.134 pkg:/redistributable@0.1-0.134
require depend system/file-system/smb@0.5.11-0.134 pkg:/storage/storage-server@0.1-0.134
require depend system/file-system/smb@0.5.11-0.134 pkg:/slim_install@0.1-0.134

pkg install system/file-system/smb

No updates necessary for this image.

pkg install service/file-system/smb

Creating Plan
pkg: The following pattern(s) did not match any packages in the current catalog.
Try relaxing the pattern, refreshing and/or examining the catalogs:

Update 23/05/2010
Problem was due to errors within package manager — see this post