vSphere – ctrl-alt-del greyed out

This bug has hit me. Looks like users with roles like vm user / power user cannot send “ctrl-alt-del” via the console even though they have the correct permissions. Our users cannot use ctrl-alt-ins as they are connected via RDP to a machine that has the console installed.

Found this : http://communities.vmware.com/thread/220683;jsessionid=480C8A2C9B9EACA9FF2BB4E1BECA2D53?start=15&tstart=0

Looks like its a known bug and will be fixed in the upcoming VC4.0 update 1 sometime Q3 2009 :(

Luckily vSphere was setup in our pre-production environment – the machines i have running in production are still 3.5 with VC2.5.