steamcache for gaming

Assuming you have docker running at home, check out these two docker projects – one is the cache (powered by nginx), the other is the dns servcie (which intercepts steam calls)


When you have all three up and running you can confirm HITS to the cache by running the following against the steamcache container;

docker exec -it steamcache tail -f /data/logs/access.log

This is great if you have a gaming cafe or LAN over at your house on occasion, all steam games will be cached to local disk so that your internet pipe gets a break. ;)

Update 15/10/2018

  • Added SNI-Proxy. More and more HTTPS request break above if not implemented. Steam is pushing some images / videos via HTTPS now.
  • Replaced steamcache/steamcache with steamcache/generic – seems to have more active development around it
    • does not appear to be in generic cache yet.

Update 1/11/2018

  • Switched back to steamcache/steamcache. steamcache/generic was much slower (re-validated downloads etc) which isn’t needed for my small network. I’m after performance! :)

PC Build – May be time to upgrade my rig soon

This is my current gaming machine which i built earlier this year – i decided to have had a play with water cooling before i put anything too expensive into the case. :)

Its a Intel E8400 running at 4.14Ghz, i’ve only got 2Gb of ram and 2 x 120Gb HDD’s in raid 0

I’ll keep the case and water cooling setup when i move to i7. Probably just grab a 1366 mount kit for my fusion v2 waterblock.

Since these pics I’ve put anti-cink slinkys on all of the tubes (when the water was getting warm the tube was kinking).

I’ll probably drop the chipset cooling with i7 as well – keeping the cooling specifically for the CPU.