HP ProCurve 5400zl Switch Series – How to Enable Jumbo Frames?

I couldn’t find how to do this via the web GUI (hate the new 5400 web console – what happened to the performance graphs??) — anyhow this is the commands to do it via commandline…

5406zl-A# show vlan 200
Status and Counters – VLAN Information – Ports – VLAN 200   VLAN ID : 200  Name : VLAN200   Status : Port-based   Voice : No   Jumbo : No

5406zl-A# configure
5406zl-A(config)# vlan 200 jumbo
5406zl-A(config)# end
5406zl-A# sho vlan 200

Status and Counters – VLAN Information – Ports – VLAN 200  VLAN ID : 200   Name : VLAN200   Status : Port-based   Voice : No  Jumbo : Yes

From a windows box…

ping -f -l 8972

Windows – Port forwarding

Just wanted to note here that there is a tool for windows to ‘port forward’ Its a command MS ships that enables IPv6 to work on IPv4, but can be used as a port redirector…. so as long as you have IPv6 support on your box, you can do this.

syntax as follows;

netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenport=443 connectaddress=targetmachine connectport=3389

so the machine above listens on 443 and redirects traffic to 3389 on targetmachine.

Be warned though, NETSH is insanely powerful. And if you make a mistake good luck at cleaning up the mess…. Feeling confident now?