Windows / Linux – File Migration Tools

In Windows i use robocopy

This is the syntax to copy from one location to another…  (i like how robocopy uses UNC paths)

robocopy \\\videos \\\videos /e /r:2 /w:10 /sec
robocopy \\\software \\\software /e /r:2 /w:10 /sec

Note: i always copy instead of the move. Run multiple times before switch over to shorten time for final sync. Always use the /SEC to copy over the NTFS permissions. I have had problems with the non X010 version of robocopy not copying NTFS permissions across. Check NTFS permissions before removing the source files. You can update files NTFS permissions with /SECFIX switch if required.

/e moves all directories including empty ones.

In Linux i use rsync

i typically mount a smb share on a windows host…. (you must have cifs client on linux first)

mount -t cifs -n // /mnt/backup -o username=user,password=mypassword

then use rsync for the copy work…

rsync -rcav /etc/ /mnt/backup/etc/

if your after linux to linux copying then rsync is also the best way to do it (via ssh), logon to your destination box via ssh and run this from your distination diretory..

rsync -ave ssh .