Windows 7 – Moving to SSD

Want to move your current disk image onto a SSD drive?

Quick, easy and free. Also aligns disk sectors :)

  1. Tidy up your current HDD – delete / move any unneeded items to an archive disk
  2. Shrink the C volume to under the size of the SSD (you do not need to shrink as small as possible, just shrink just under SSD size)
  3. Run Windows Backup (win7 backup is very good, i.e. image backup) onto external USB Drive
  4. Remove your current HDD and install SSD
  5. Restore via Windows Backup — Boot install DVD, and choose Repair your computer, then select recover from windows backup image (use the image you backed up onto your USB drive).
  6. Reboot, then expand the C volume to consume the full space of the SSD


Quick way to check that TRIM has also been enabled;

fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

If the result is ‘0’ TRIM is enabled.