opensolaris – smbd issues?

Hmm… i’ve been having problems since the 2009.06 (snv_111b) update with cifs.

Cant pin it exactly as it could be “load” related… hmmm.

found this ? this also may be a clue..

imapd ?  might have to go back to 2008.11

You might get better performance if you enable oplocks but
there are known issues with it but you can do it just to
see if you see any difference:

svccfg -s smb/server setprop smbd/oplock_enable=boolean: true

So far running the above command has fixed things for me? I’ll update if the problem returns.

svccfg -s smb/server setprop smbd/oplock_enable=boolean: true

Updated : 27/07/2009

Problem came back, so i’m updating to 117 as per comments below

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  1. I had the same problem with 2009.6 and I upgraded to snv117 because I upgrade my zpool to a version 2008.11 not supports. snv117’s samba is good.

  2. Hi Cail, thanks for that update. I had the same troubles upgrading my zpool and couldnt go back to a previous BE / build (without hassle).

    I’m assuming you mean cifs / smb service and not the samba one?

    At the moment enabling oplock has seemed to fix the problems. I might stick with it unless any other issues popup.

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