ERROR: No forward-proxy ports configured

I had the above issue after a squid upgrade and after changing from http_port 3128 transparent to http_port 3128 intercept.

Add “http_port 8080” line to squid.config to avoid this message, if you are not already using that port.

The changes in security require that a separate port be setup for forwarding proxy requests

Offine Files – Remove prompt about excluded files error

You may get an error such as this popup during a offline files sync…

Offline files (\\server\share on server): Unable to make ‘archive.pst’ available offline on \\server\share\folder. Files of this type cannot be made available offline.

Microsoft have said that even if the file is in the excluded list then by design offline files will still complain about it when it tries to sync.

There is a way to remove the warning prompt for specific files; (you may need to update your machine to the latest support pack in some cases)

  • Create a new “key” at HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/NetCache called “ExclusionErrorSuppressionList”
  • Within this key create a new DWORD registry entry for each of the files you wish to exclude at that prompt
  • The DWORD format should be similar to “\\*\*\*\*.pst” if you which to exclude pst files on any server, share and folder.
  • You can add as many DWORD registry entries as you require within the “ExclusionErrorSuppressionList”


See the following KB for more information :