M365 Electric Scooter – must have mods

I’ve been riding my m365 xiaomi scooter for quite some time now… over its time i have made a few mods to make it a better and more reliable ride…

First – The tyres.

Sticking with pneumatic are best, they are lighter and generally have better grip when they are in good shape (i.e. not plastic). The only downside is the tube puncturing every now and again. The slime you can inject into your trye also is pretty average, it increases weight slowing you down.

To avoid punctures I’ve found best to ensure your PSI is approx 40 – 50 PSI. I weigh about 70Kg, and find 40PSI pretty good.

Also, dont get the cheap tubes from AliExpress, get the slightly more expensive ones, they have a thicker rubber and so far have really lasted. See Amalibay here – https://bit.ly/2KKorBp

Second – the firmware and battery bms

If your lucky enough to have 2nd generation scooter you will not have to worry about the small and easily blown “z-fuse” on the bms. If you have one of the 1st gen scooters you can just replace the bms with a 2nd generation one. Easy enough to find on AliExpress.

Installation will require a bit of soldering and careful workmanship – as the battery can give yo a bit of a jolt if you short it out! (I’ve accidentally done it twice and it can give you quite the fright)

Also your going to want to load a custom firmware. The android app M365_DOWNG is going to be your friend, it can connect to your scooter via Bluetooth. Making the custom firmware has been made easy at this site –

Disclaimer : firmware mods can break stuff, be careful. Ensure you have 2nd gen BMS first!

I’ve started using another app on my android for my 365, it has a much better battery information display – “M365 Tools”. Pretty handy for watching your cell balance across the battery pack. You can see my battery is a bit out of balance at moment, with a difference of 0.042 volts between my lowest and highest cell.

I’m dabbling at installing an active battery balancer so i can auto balance the cells (they seem to fall out of balance some times).

Third – The handle catch

Get some of those rubber “reducers” to go in the hinge gap. Works a treat when its been worn down after extended use. Makes the connection more firm, and stops the horrible squeaking sound. Check them out here – https://bit.ly/2ZVr07e

Mi / Xiaomi Scooter Error codes

Scooter beeping? – check out these codes for a hint at what might be wrong…

Error codeDescriptionMalfunction part
10Dashboard and control board communication abnormal,check connected cableDashboard、control board
11Motor A phase current abnormal ,check control boardcontrol board
12Motor B phase current abnormal ,check control boardcontrol board
13Motor C phase current abnormal ,check control boardcontrol board
14Throttle hall abnormal,check electric throttle、dashboard and connected cabledashboard 、electric throttle
15Brake hall abnormal,check electric barke、dashboard and connected cabledashboard、electric brake
16Battery change MOS abnormal,check control boardcontrol board
17External battery change MOS abnormal,check control boardcontrol board
18motor hall abnormal,check motor、control board、connected cable.control board、motor
19Battery voltage abnormal,check battery、control board、connected cable.control board、battery
20External battery voltage abnormal,check battery、control board、connected cable.control board、battery
21Battery communication failed,check battery、control board、connected cablebattery
22Battery code failed,change batterybattery
23Battery default serial number,change batterybattery
24System voltage test abnormal,check control boardcontrol board、battery、external battery
26Flash saving error,check control boardcontrol board
27Control code error,change control boardcontrol board
28Motor driver mos up-bridge short circuitcontrol board
29Motor driver mos down-bridge short circuitcontrol board
31Program skip error,check control boardcontrol board
35Unit has default serial number,change control boardcontrol board
39Battery temperature sensor abnormal,change batterybattery
40Control board temperature abnormal,check control boardcontrol board、battery
41Exteral battery temperature abnormal,change external batteryexternal battery
42Exteral battery communication error,check external battery、control board、connected cabelcontrol board、external battery
43Exteral battery code error,change external batteryexternal battery
44External has default serial number,change external batteryexternal battery