Visual Studio Code – Adding GitLab repository

How do you setup a GitLab repo on Microsoft Visual Code?

There are two main scenarios –

  1. You have the code on your workstation and you want to push into a clean / new repository
  2. You want to pull code from an existing gitlab repository onto your workstation

First go to your local folder on your workstation (either empty or full of code)

git init 
git add .
git remote add origin https://<username>:<usertoken>

The above commands tell git to run initial setup, add current folder as content then add associated remote gitlab repository.

Note the format to use while using a user token. The user token is issued by GitLab, your username will also be there. You will need to ensure that your token has both read and write access to the repository.

my first few docker containers

This is my first dabbling in creating my OWN git hub (for the code) and docker hub (for the orchestration / build)

I have created a container for Unifi-Video NVR and storj. Yet to update documentation on Storj container.

I’m currently working on building containers for a news indexer, either newsnab or nzedb. There is another docker project called pynab which was an interesting idea, but seems to have gone stale over time. It used to be almost hands free indexer that ran reasonably efficiently. I’m hoping to re-create something similar soon.